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8 Card Poker


8-Cards Poker is a one of a kind card game. Originated in the South-East Asia part of the region, it is one of the most popular game played after 6-Cards Poker. Here you will find a simple introduction and scoring guide to 8-Cards Poker.

  • Similar to 6-Cards Poker, 8-Cards Poker starts you off with 8 cards; in which you break them into 3 sets of hands following this order from the bottom to the top (3 – 3 – 2). Please refer below;
    Top High Card 1
    Pair Twos to Pair Sevens 2
    Pair Eights to Pair Tens 3
    Pair Jacks to Pair Kings 4
    Pair Aces 5
    Pair Jokers 6
    Middle High Card 1
    One Pair 1
    Straight 1
    Flush 1
    Three of A Kind 8
    Royal Flush 12
    Straight 16
    Bottom High Card 1
    One Pair 1
    Straight 1
    Flush 1
    Three Of A Kind 4
    Straight Flush 6
    Royal Flush 8
  • Two players are necessary to start the game. Maximum number of players is 3 players.
  • Players have two options to choose from to play with;

    • Joker Deck (52 cards + 2 jokers)
    • Normal Deck (52 cards)

Special Rules

  • Bonus Sets – When middle set hand is 3 of a Kind and/or better, bottom set gets double points.
  • Scooping – An additional of (total points x 2) will be awarded to a player when all three sets of his hands wins another player.
  • Home Run – When a player wins all 3 sets of hands against all players, an additional of (total points x 3) will be awarded as Home Run bonus.

Showdown and Scoring

  • Showdown – Each player will compare each specific hand with every other player’s hand.
  • Scoring – The better hand earns point off of the player with the weaker hand. Each point is the equivalent to the stake value. Bottom VS Bottom, Middle VS Middle and Top VS Top.
  • Each point is equivalent to the stake value. If the stakes is $1, each point is $1, $2 stake equals to $2 per point and so forth.

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