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Pineapple OFC is a derivative of standard open-face Chinese poker with Fantasyland.

Just as in regular OFC, the players get several cards in turn, and place them face-up until they make a 13-card hand, consisting of a "top," "middle," and "bottom" row of three, five, and five cards, respectively. The players start by placing their first five cards each, but then the “crazy pineapple” part kicks in.


The first five cards are placed just as in regular OFC, but then players get dealt three cards instead of just one. In turn, each player then places two of the three cards in any of his or her available rows before discarding the third one face down. The procedure is repeated until players have completed their 13-card hands.

It is customary not to show the third card to opponents when discarding, but it should be remembered for your own information. Some players use this hidden information to discard cards purposefully that their opponents need to make their hands. Discarded cards are not shuffled back in the deck.


The basics of scoring are simple, but there are a number of detailed cases to account for. Don’t get overwhelmed.

OFC is played per point, so scoring of the final hands (after all 13 cards are placed) is done on a point basis.

Each row, (top, middle, and bottom), is worth one point to the winner. So if you have a pair of jacks in the middle and your opponent has king high, then you win one point in the middle.

In this hand, Tony wins the bottom and top rows, but loses the middle row. Therefore, he wins one point overall.

If playing OFC three- or four-handed, each player scores against each player independently. Thus, unlike in hold’em, where the best hand that doesn’t fold gets everything and everyone else gets nothing, there is no folding. For example, if Bob beats Ted but loses to Joe, Bob still wins points from Ted.

But wait, there’s more!

In addition to the +1/-1 points per row, there are a myriad of scoring bonuses that can be worth a lot more than one point.

Scoring Bonuses

The most common OFC scoring bonus is the “scoop bonus.” If you beat an opponent's top, middle, and bottom, you win an additional three points. This is sometimes referred to as the “1-6” scoring system. If you beat your opponent two out of three rows, you win one point overall. If you scoop him, it’s worth six points overall.

To encourage players to take chances for big hands, OFC rewards good hands in every row with different point bonuses. These bonuses are given, as long as a player makes a qualifying hand, regardless of whether the hand wins or loses.

Here, "Tony" makes a straight on the bottom, but loses to a his opponent’s bigger straight on the bottom. His opponent gets one point for winning the row, plus a two-point bonus for the straight.

However, "Tony" still gets two points for his straight. Therefore, the straight bonuses cancel each other out, and "Tony" loses just one point on the bottom row.

Bonuses for bottom-row hands range from +2 for a straight to +25 for a royal flush. Middle bonuses start with +2 for three-of-a-kind, going up to +50 for a royal flush. Bonuses for the top hand start with +1 for a pair of sixes and then increase from there. The full list is below.

OFC Bonus Scoring System

Bottom Hand Bonus Middle Hand Bonus Top Hand Bonus
- - Three of a Kind +2 6 6 +1
Straight +2 Straight +4 7 7 +2
Flush +4 Flush +8 8 8 +3
Full House +6 Full House +12 9 9 +4
Quads +10 Quads +20 10 10 +5
Straight Flush +15 Straight Flush +30 J J +6
Royal Flush +25 Royal Flush +50 Q Q +7
K K +8
A A +9
2 2 2 +10
3 3 3 +11
4 4 4 +12
5 5 5 +13
6 6 6 +14
7 7 7 +15
8 8 8 +16
9 9 9 +17
10 10 10 +18
J J J +19
Q Q Q +20
K K K +21
A A A +22

In addition to the bonuses for big hands, there’s a special rule, which started out as another way to add drama to the game, but has since become a standard, big part of OFC strategy.

Playing with "Fantasyland” is optional, and must be agreed to before an OFC game begins. Most OFC games played online and in public casinos are played with the Fantasyland option. Make sure you know whether you’re playing with or without Fantasyland before you join.

The rules for making it to Fantasyland are the same as in regular OFC. You need QQ or better on top to qualify, and since the players see 50% more cards in Pineapple OFC than in regular OFC, players make it to Fantasyland much more often.

To compensate for the fact that hands are now much stronger than in regular OFC, players who make it to Fantasyland in Pineapple OFC are dealt 14 cards and get to play any 13 of them, discarding one.

Adding that 14th card may not seem like much, but it nearly doubles the chance for a player to stay in Fantasyland by making a big hand in the top, middle, or bottom. See our regular OFC rules for a complete list of hands that allow you to stay in Fantasyland.

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