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GG Network is an established Asian-facing Poker network which has very recently begun expanding to Europe and North America.

Currency: USD - United States Dollar

Traffic and Playerbase:

Good Game Network gives you the chance to play with casual players from Asia’s under-developed but booming poker scene. GGNet is well known throughout Asia and has done an excellent job attracting a large player base of Chinese and Korean players through Asia’s recent poker boom. In particular, it’s sponsorship of Korean programmers, celebrities and poker personalities brings a large number of recreational players to the table. Fishy players as well as weak regulars are the standard at all limits.

Game Type

  • Cash Games
  • Tournaments
  • Fortune Spin
  • All-in or Fold

Games Offered

  • Texas Hold'em

  • Omaha

  • All-in or Fold

Platforms: PC Software Download, ANDROID + IOS App Download

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